Hong Leong Bank Flexi Instalment Payment Plan

Hong Leong Bank Flexi Instalment Payment Plan

Introducing our latest program, Hong Leong Bank (HLB) Flexi-Pay. You can now own an Apple product for as low as RM75 a month!

HLB Flexi-Pay is great if you do not own a credit card; or you would like to have a longer repayment period (up to 60 months!); or you do not wish to have your credit card’s limit blocked up!

HLB Flexi-Pay:
1. Period: 1-5 years
2. Loan Amount: min RM3,000 to max RM25,000
3. Interest Rates:
 a. 1 year: 6% p.a
 b. 2-3 years: 8% p.a
 c. 4-5 years: 10%p.a
4. Eligible Customers:
 a. 21-60 years old
 b. Minimum of RM24k income per annum.


To apply, all you need to do is to visit Switch outlet near you. Please see this illustration:


Kindly find the repayment table provided by Hong Leong Bank:

Why HLB Flexi-pay? 

1. Low Interest Rate 

The interest rate is flat rate. As per chart.

2. No credit withheld

If you do installment with your credit card, your credit limit will be blocked up. Your credit line will only be released after you have fully paid your last installment. With this program, your credit will not be withheld. 

3. Fast Approval

HLB promised to process your loan fast. Minus holidays and weekends, you should be able to get your approval within 48 hours.



1. The minimum amount for the loan approval is RM3,000. If I wish to purchase a product valued only at RM2,000. Can I still apply for it? 

Yes, you can apply for the loan of RM3,000, and upon approval, the bank will pay us RM2,000 (the value of your purchase) and the balance (RM1,000) will be wired to you directly. 

2. Is there a maximum amount of products that I can purchase to apply for the loan? 

No, you may purchase any amount of products, provided the total value added up isn’t above RM25,000, which is the max amount of the loan that the bank can approve. Of course, the approval of the amount is subject to your credit capability. 

3. Do I have to be existing Hong Leong Bank customer? 

No, you do not have to be existing Hong Leong Bank customer.

4. Do I have to be a Malaysian? 

Yes, this facility is only opened to Malaysian who work in Malaysia.

5. Can I apply online without going to Switch retail store?

No, we have to verify your details and witness you signing the application form.

6. Is there any stamping fees and late fees?

Yes. Please see chart below:


Note: Approval is subject to Hong Leong Bank credit checking on your financial background and your ability to pay back. Hong Leong Bank and Switch are not obligated to provide reason(s) for loan rejection.

Terms and conditions applied.

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