Gwen’s Diary – Entry IV

Dear diary,

There is a saying that goes, “The best things in life are free.”

And I truly believe so, especially after today.

I nearly spent my entire shift, which is about 6 hours, with this customer. Of course she left in between for dinner and to shop around but I had my hands full. Why is this so? It began when I picked up a phone call from this lady who asked for technical assistance. The lady wanted to retain all her data from her current iPhone and transfer them to a new iPhone 7 Plus, which she plans to purchase from us. This lady was very concerned that she might lose her data and wanted to be assured that we could help her.

I patiently walked her through the process over the phone but somehow she could not successfully back up her phone. She then asked if it was possible for her to come by and I do it for her. Afraid that I would reject her request, she hastily emphasised that she would buy the new phone from me. I explained to her that I could definitely help her out, but she would have to bring her own laptop, along with the laptop charger and lightning cable for the iPhone. I also warned her that the entire process might take a very long time, as per our previous conversation, it seemed that the iTunes on her laptop could be out of date. The lady was nice and elated that I agreed to help her. She asked for my name and told me that she would be arriving around 5pm.

After hanging up, I quickly Googled to double confirm my suspicion that her failure to back up her iPhone was due to her not having the latest version of iTunes. Once the clock struck 5pm, a lady carrying a laptop bag walked in. We greeted one another, and she kept thanking me for agreeing to help her. The lady was a middle-aged mother who was very polite. Before we started the technical troubleshooting, she first inquired about getting a new iPhone 7 Plus. After completing the purchase process, she started up her laptop to start the back up process and to set up her brand new phone.

It turned out that her iTunes was out of date and the update took a very long time, so while it was being updated we made some small talk, and I found out that she actually had a son around my age. However, he is studying away from home, so there is no one else that she can turn to for technical assistance. The update itself took about an hour or so, and the back up took another hour. Some error occurred during the back up, and we had to restart the process again. The lady was patient and understanding; I asked her if she had other or more questions regarding her phone or the use of iTunes, so I could help her out too.

Sometime between setting her new phone and restoring the data, I realized it went way past dinner time. She told me that she was going to get dinner and asked if I wanted to join, which I politely declined as I needed to watch over the progress. She apologised for causing me so much trouble, that I could not have dinner on time because of her. I reassured her that it was okay and that I could eat a little later; there was no need to feel sorry. While she went for dinner, I made sure that everything was running smoothly and just when she came back to the store, everything was done and perfect.

The next thing that happened was unforgettable. She had sushi for dinner, and she actually bought some for me! It was a complete dinner set. I was really surprised, and I felt so bad receiving it from her as I did it voluntarily for her. To me, it was a part of my job. The lady insisted I take it and complimented me, saying that I was a good kid and a responsible worker.

So yeah, I felt really good. It felt really good. The day was definitely a 10/10 for me. Today was a great day, almost like a fairytale; a wonderful day. It was not my first time getting these small gestures from customers I’ve assisted but that’s the best thing, it is different every time yet similar in a way.

The best feeling while working here as a Switcher is that I really feel joy from being able to assist these customers, to know that I have the ability to help someone out. I remember this lady because she was really happy. She told me that I would definitely be a good person in life who can achieve great things. This lady was another one of the most memorable customers I had served because we talked like we knew one another. We had a long conversation, and she was very sincere. I guess it felt really good to know that customers acknowledge our efforts and appreciate the help we give. Sometimes, it’s really just these small gestures that touch you the most; these little gestures that makes you feel all tingly and happy inside.

And of course, the food was really much appreciated. 😉

Hi there!

This post is written by Gwen who is all about sharing her life and experiences as a Switcher and aims to make the world a better place, word by word, bit by bit. #angelindisguise

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