Instalment Plan for the new iPhone

We enclosed 2 visual charts, that will assist you in understanding the affordability options to all of our iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR easier.
You may add accessories into your purchase. For example:
iPhone Xs (64GB) you will need to pay RM450/month for 12 month EPP (iPhone Xs + SPP)
By just topping up an additional RM67/month, you can get AirPods & Casing as well.

[Oct-Nov] Purchase with purchase accessories bundles

In lieu with the upcoming iPhone launches, there will be several bundle promotions for you.

Please take this opportunity to purchase our bundles.

With that, please find the details below here;

1) iPhone + Casing PWP
Option A
Save 20% on Powerbanks (Non Xiaomi)
Option B
Save 20% on Wireless Charger
Option C
Save 20% on Cable (Non Apple Branded)
Option D
Save 10% on Beats

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