(Jan / Feb) AirPort Extreme purchase with purchase

Date: 25th Jan to 10th Feb 2019
Available at all Switch retail outlets

Purchase with purchase an AirPort Extreme at a discount.

Promo Price: RM549
(SRP: RM749)

1. Purchase an AirPort Extreme with your Mac and save RM200
2. Purchase an AirPort Extreme with your iPhone and save RM200
3. Purchase an AirPort Extreme with your iPad and save RM200

Airport Extreme:
Can be used as an wireless router to expand up to 50 devices (good for open house parties for CNY)
Running dual band antennas with 2 different frequency speed (2.4GHZ &5GHZ)
Can create wireless back up for Macs (if turn it into Time Machine)
Can attached external hard disk and use to share or access files wirelessly

When should you replace your Wi-Fi router?
using the same router for 4 or 5 years old
misbehaving, needing to restart it often
needing more speed
start dropping wi-fi connections to devices
when you have more than 10 devices in your home
when it’s a freebie router
when you want better coverage and range across your home

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