Apple original parts replacement

Imagine if your worst nightmare came true.

You dropped your phone and it has to be on the busiest day of your life. Your cracked iPhone screen stares back blankly at you, ignoring every swipe and tap. You let out a sigh of frustration knowing your day won’t get any better 😕

We’re here to save the day!

Our service centre is ready to assist.

Make appointment with any of our Switch Apple Authorised Service Centres to get your Apple products repaired! We’ll examine your item and advice you the repair cost.

Rest assured, All our parts are 100% original and authorised from Apple with 90 days Apple warranty. And the best part, your original Apple’s warranty continues.

Price for out of warranty (OOW) iPhone screen replacement:

Do you know that we have protection plan for your iPhone which covers cracked screen, theft and water damaged? Please check it out.

It will safe your day, trust us.

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