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Menya Miyabi, an authentic Hokkaido Ramen House, is the brain-child of Tanaka-san. Desiring to bring the true traditional ramen to Malaysia, Tanaka-san strive to bring the Founded in 1998, Menya Miyabi has now expanded to 4 different locations across Malaysia
“With the iPad, my business has been made simplified as a platform for our POS system. Constantly reliable, I run my business with an ease of mind.”
Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay – Joyn Mok
A 60 year old home-made Nyonya kuih factory, this quaint and cozy canteen like restaurant is a step back into the past in it’s decoration.
In the hands of Jolyn Mok, the 3rd generation owner, she upholds the tradition and values of her family business.

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