J5 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger (JUP50)


  • Charger intelligently identifies each connected device and supplies reliable power
  • 5-Port 40W/8A for faster charging of 5 devices simultaneously
  • 2.4A super charging ports are compatible with Android, Apple and other devices
  • Compact for on-the-go

Available: Available

The JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger is equipped with intelligent identification technology, which detects your devices to deliver its fastest and safest possible charge.

Each USB port is capable of delivering up to 2.4A of power, which is enough to charge a tablet quickly or a less demanding device, such as a smartphone. However, each port will only deliver the required power.

Dimensions : Main body: 90.3 (W) x 58 (H) x 26.5 (D) mm

Cable length: 5 ft/150 cm

Weight : Approximately 153g