Latest update: 15th Sept 2018

Your worst nightmare came true. You dropped your phone and it has to be on the busiest day of your life.
Your cracked iPhone screen stares back blankly at you, ignoring every swipe and tap. You let out a sigh of frustration knowing your day won’t get any better.
We’re here to save the day!



Make appointment with any of our Switch Apple Authorised Service Centres to get your Apple products repaired! We’ll examine your item and advice you the repair cost.

Rest assured, All our parts are 100% original and authorised from Apple with 90 days Apple warranty. And the best part, your original Apple’s warranty continues.


There is a special battery replacement program that ends on 31st December 2018.

It is for iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and above, the price for battery replacement is at RM121 inclusive of labour charges.

This price is for a like-for-like exchange for the battery part and is subjected to eligibility according to the physical condition and functionality of the iPhone.

For example, a cracked screen will impair the replacement of the battery and will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. In some cases, there may be an extra cost associated with the repair.

A standard repair turn-around-time is 1 to 3 working days, however, for certain models, more days needed because of battery constraints. We are not able to loan any iPhone for usage during the waiting period for iPhone that is out of warranty. Loan units for iPhone under warranty are subject to availability during repair time.

Please back up all of your data before heading to Switch Service Centre. Switch Service Centre will not be liable for any data lost.

This program will be available in all Switch Service Centres from 3rd January 2018 until 31st Dec 2018.

Price for iPhone parts:
Total price to collect: Exchange price + Diagnostics charges
Price for same unit repair only.


Price for out of warranty (OOW) iPhone screen replacement:

Price for Like-for-Like Exchange :
(when your item is beyond repair or un-repairable)

Price for iPad Like-for-Like Exchange:
iPad is not available for repair. Only Like-for Like exchange at the moment.

Price for Apple Watch Like-for-Like Exchange:
Apple Watch is not available for repair. Only Like-for-Like exchange at the moment.

Price for IOS battery repair:
*** Do not confuse between normal paid service and battery-repair paid service.
This price list should be used for iPhone/iPad/iPod with swollen battery +>2 years only.

Price for iPod Like-for-Like Exchange:
iPod is not available for repair. Only Like-for-Like exchange at the moment.


Make an appointment now to get your Apple products fixed.

Note: Price shown above are estimated price only. Actual quotation will be given to you by our service crew once they have checked through your Apple product.

Total price to collect: Repair price + Diagnostics charges

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