Awesome possum news! If you’re an existing SPP (Smart Protection Plan) customer, you now have the option to renew it for another year! Just walk in to the outlet where you purchased your device from on the expiring month, and tell one of our crews that you want to renew your SPP for another year!


For more info, check out the price list and FAQ  below.


1. Can I choose to purchase 2 years of protection from SPP straight in one row for my device?
No. You are not able to do so, as there are certain criteria for customers to fulfil in order to be eligible for the 2nd year renewal.

2. Which SPP customer will not be eligible for the 2nd year renewal?
Customers who have a full device replacement due to theft e.g will not be eligible.

3. If my SPP expires in June this year, can I renew the SPP in the month of July/August (Later than June)?
No. Eligible customers who wish to renew for the 2nd year protection, have to renew it within their expiration month.

4. If my SPP expires in August this year, can I renew the SPP in the month of June/July (Earlier than August)?
No. Eligible customers may only renew their SPP within their expiration month.

5. How will I know if I am eligible for the 2nd year renewal?
Eligible customers will receive an email from us by the first week of their expiration month. Customers will also receive a call from the outlet, from where they purchase their device & SPP from, to inform of their eligibility and option for the 2nd year protection. 

6. If I have made claims during my duration of SPP coverage before, will I be eligible for the 2nd year renewal?
Yes you are, as long as it wasn’t a “Full Device Replacement”. However, note that the renewal rates are different for those who have claimed vs those who haven’t claimed before (as per the chart above).

7. Can I walk into any Switch outlets to renew my SPP?
No. Customers who wish to renew their SPP for the 2nd year, can only choose to walk into the outlet, from where they purchase their SPP from, to renew it. 

8. Do I have to pay fees for whole device replacement?
Yes. For whole device replacement, there is a Device Replacement Fee

Please contact the following customer care line for further information or contact them in regards to your claim:
Progressive : 1800888458
AXA : 1300885465


Please download the policy of Smart Protect Plan here: Special All Risk Insurance Policy

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