You may have bought your brand new iPhone with a Protective Casing – but how sure are you that it will protect you from unforeseen circumstances such as phone theft? Or perhaps, water damage?

Did you know? More than 100,000 devices are reported stolen every single year in Malaysia? Theft with loss of device also rose from 8% in 2007 to 28% in 2010. With the worsening economy, robberies and criminal cases are on the rise – it’s only a wise choice to have your brand new device insured.

And why is that so?

Imagine, a snatch theft happened and you lost all your belongings including your phone. Or. Imagine your device fell into water by accident and although you’re able to retrive it, you can no longer switch it on anymore. Bear in mind, the average cost of repairing a device is over RM600 – and in many cases, you won’t be able to have it repaired. If that’s the case, purchasing a brand new phone will cost you even more! But fret not, we’ve got a solution for you!

Introducing our brand new Smart Protection Plan!

With the protection plan, you’ll be able to have a 1 (ONE) year coverage on:
1) Accidental Damage
2) Water Damage
3) Theft / Burglary

*SPP does not cover negligence cases

Apart from a wide coverage, it’s absolutely affordable to get your device insured!

*Valid only when purchased together with an iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch at Switch

Updated 1st September 2019



Terms & Conditions:

1. Smart Protection Plan (SPP) is only valid when purchase together with new device at Switch.

2. Total of 1 year warranty only. 2nd year renewal subject to approval.

3. A  fee will be charged if a whole unit replacement is required. Please refer to the chart above.

4. Must inform Switch within 7 days and must claim within 30 days of accident occurred and within warranty period.

5. Rate is subject to SST charges starting from 1st of September 2018.

6. Claim will be subjected for approval.

7. Please note that iPad & Apple Watch are non-repairable. Any damages (screen crack, bent or etc) on the devices, it will be under the whole unit replacement program whereby “Full Device Replacement Excess Fee” will be charged.

8. Other Terms and Conditions applied.

Please visit Switch outlet near you to find out more.

Please contact the following customer care line for further information or contact them in regards to your claim:
Progressive : 1800888458


Please download the policy of Smart Protect Plan here: Special All Risk Insurance Policy

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