Switch Clearance @ MyTown, KL (2-4 Mar 2018)

Dear all,

Due to security reason, we regret to inform you that the clearance sale will be put on hold until further notice. So stay tuned for more announcements.

However, our outlet at MyTOWN will be operating as usual from 10am to 10pm.


Do take note that we will continue to honour the promotion of the following items over this weekend :


MacBook Air 11” – SRP: RM2,999 / Promo: RM2,799

iPhone 6 (32Gb) Gold – SRP: RM1,499 / Promo: RM1,399

iPhone X 64GB – SRP: RM5,149 / Promo: RM4,899

iPhone X 256GB – SRP: RM5,899 / Promo: RM5,649


Once again, we thank you all for your great support !








Mark your dates! A Switch Clearance is happening at MyTown Shopping Mall, KL from 2-4 March 2018! Check out the list of products and prices below.

*Please read our T&C and FAQ below*

*Watch this space as more products will be updated into the list*


Terms and conditions

1. There is no warranty for all of these products
2. Customers may return the product within 7 days if unit fail to function
3.  Maximum purchase of one (1) unit per customer
4. Prices are valid throughout the promo period only while stocks last
5. Switch reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice


  • Can I queue overnight during the My Town clearance?
    • No midnight queue allowed
  • Can we use Credit Card to purchase?
    • Yes, we accept Credit Card and Cash Sales.
    • Please refer to this link for more information, https://switch.com.my/instalmentplan/
    • For instalment plans, addition interest rates will be chargeable
  • Can I apply for Aeon Credit Instalment Plans for clearance items?
    • Aeon Credit Instalment Plans are not available for clearance sale items.
  • Can I purchase the clearance sales unit online?
    • No, the items are only available at the Switch@MyTown’s Clearance Event
    • Shipping or Delivery option is not available for the Switch@MyTown’s Clearance Event
  • Can I reserve the item upfront?
    • No reservation available for any items of Switch.
    • There can be no sales order or deposit payment allowed.
  • Where are the clearance item originated?
    • Rest assured, the clearance items originated from Switch, Malaysia.
  • What does it means by demo set? Is there warranty on the demo sets?
    • Demo sets are previously display units at the outlet. The units are previously used to educate and share the product to our the customers. 
    • These sets are with the same specification and functionality as the equivalent retail devices.
    • There are no warranty on the demo units. Switch advises customer to check and inspect the unit during your purchase.
    • Customers however may return the product if it fails to function within 7 days of purchase.
  • How many units per customer?
    • For clearance items, only one unit per customer.
    • One clearance item per head count.
  • Does the unit includes accessories?
    • Yes. Please refer to the sales representative for the accessories included.
  • Can I trade in my device for the clearance items?
    • Yes, you are able to trade in your current device for the trade in item.
    • The purchase may require a longer amount of time due to the verification of intended trade in device. Please refer to the sales representatives.


Queue Information

Please follow these guidelines 



Where do I queue?

  • Official queue time begins at 7am.
  • Queue will be between Spasso and Starbucks @ MyTown Central Town Entrance.
  • This will be the only available queue. Switch will only recognise customers who are present at this queue.
  • A Switch Visual Standee will be setup representing the beginning of the queue.
  • Management of MyTown strictly does not allow camping at any time after mall operation hours.

Where do I Park?

  • Only B1 carpark access from Jalan Cochrane will be open for public and security guards will be on standby at B1 to assist shopper to join the queue outdoor using Sunken Garden Entrance Door.

Beginning of Event

  • Customers are advised to remain at the queue until 10am.
  • Switch Sales Representative will be present at the queue location from 8am onwards to assist with any enquiries.
  • Our sales representative will be present to accompany and lead you to our outlet.


  1. Avatar
    Hi, wat time open? Is there many unit available? And is credit card accepted?
    • Avatar
      Open at 10am. Yes, accept credit card payment. We will publish the number of units we have later today.
  2. Avatar
    Hi may i know whether the battery charger is also included with the items? Also, no longer in sealed box, meaning that we do not get the box either?
    • Avatar
      Hi there, the power adapter and in-box accessories are included for majority of the units. Please check with the sales representative on the day.
    • Avatar
      Hi there, demo is Display Sets. EOL is End-of-Life or previously generation.
  3. Avatar
    Hi, For the Term 3 , "Maximum purchase of one (1) unit per customer". It means the same product can only get 1 unit or within all the model and product clearance we can only purchase one ?
    • Avatar
      It means one core product only. 1 person can buy one Apple product only.
  4. Avatar
    • Avatar
      Just updated the units. Will publish more products once we have the details. Pls stay tune.
  5. Avatar
    Since it is a demo set which mean that the charger always plug in. The battery condition is like new or okay or not so good?
    • Avatar
      The demo units are evaluated and are performing up to specifications. There isn't warranty on the device, however if a hardware issue arise, you may send to us for evaluation within 7 days.
  6. Avatar
    Hi, boleh saya tahu di mana jika kami mahu tungu que lbh awal atau overnite? N how u manage to handle the que?
    • Avatar
      Please stay tune at our Switch Facebook and Website on 1st March 2018 @ 4pm for the official queue location.
  7. Avatar
    May I know can we purchase using debit card ? And in the term said 1 item per customer, let say after the purchase in the morning, can came back in the evening to purchase another item ?
    • Avatar
      Hello there, you will have to re-queue. Only one clearance item per customer during the purchase. And yes, you may purchase using debit card.
      • Avatar
        Thank you for the replies. And one more, what does it mean by opened unit but not indicated with Demo or EOL ?
  8. Avatar
    Hi, does that mean if the product doesn't indicated any demo or EOL, it is still in sealed box?
    • Avatar
      Hi there, all the units listed above are (opened units). They are not sealed units.
  9. Avatar
    Hi, what does SD/AP/BT in the iMac 24-inch description means? And what year is the 21-inch 2.5 Ghz iMac?
    • Avatar
      Hello there. SD/AP/BT = SD Card Slot , AirPort (Wireless Module) / Bluetooth. As for the iMac 21.5-inch, 2.5Ghz is the year 2012.
  10. Avatar
    Hi, may i know MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch(2012) the detailed specification? And what does include with the purchase?
  11. Avatar
    Hi, may i know all the IMAC 27 inch the detailed specification? And what does include with the purchase?
  12. Avatar
    Hello, nak tau sama ada jualan utk semua item pada hari jumaat atau setiap hari ada stok baru?
  13. Avatar
    Those with bracket (demo) means demo unit. Those without bracket means opened unit? If yes, what means by opened unit? Is it their seal is accidentally opened?
    • Avatar
      The sales begin on 2nd March 2018, the quantity shows how many units available for the sale.
  14. Avatar
    It is written as official queue starts at 7am . So which means earlier queue wont be consider or ? So which mean we can only queue up at the entrance there izit ?
    • Avatar
      Hi there, if you arrive earlier than the official time, please safely park your car and be present at the designated queue location.
    • Avatar
      The sale will begin on 2nd March 2018, and yes, only 2 units for iPad Mini 2 are available.
  15. Avatar
    Serious question. What if I need to go to the toilet when I'm queueing? Is there a way to mark my spot or something?
    • Avatar
      You may discuss with the person in front and behind you for a mutual agreement or inform our sales representative if toilet break is required.
    • Avatar
      Hi there, we recommend for you to please check the unit during your purchase.
  16. Avatar
    If I go first day buy 1 product, can I go for second day buy another one product? Because I really need to buy 2 product
  17. Avatar
    Hi, could you please keep on updating stock availability as shown above when the clearance start this Friday until end of the event on Sunday? I'm all the way from JB, and there's about 800++ people going to this event (shown in FB event), but there's only 171 total stock that available. Thanks.
      • Avatar
        Yes sure, and u need to update every single day during this clearance sale, so then people won’t waste their time keep on the line. Many thanks.
  18. Avatar
    Hi..how many unit do you have for macbook air 11’ (clearance price RM2799)
  19. Avatar
    So the ipod touch 32GB (3 stock left one) that doesn't mention the generation is the 6th generation one?
  20. Avatar
    Can I apply Aeon Credit for instalment to buy clearance product? because It need to take 2 or 3 working days for loan approval...
  21. Avatar
    Hi, Switch. Can i use Visa or MasterCard for installment? But i don't have credit card, just Debit...
    • Avatar
      No, you’re too young. If you give me the money I can buy for you. :)
  22. Avatar
    why the other website shown there is not quantity list? dont give the people hope please, the photo show the quantity only have 1 for the certain unit, u open for 3 days, but the quantity only have 1 and i will be grab in 1 minute, is it waste the time and give people hope? please explain
  23. Avatar
    I feel stupid for even bothering to come. I understand that the quantity is limited but according to the guidelines, its written that the 'official que' starts at 7am. I was there at 5am and the que is already ridiculously long. Not only that, people are already camp probably during midnight and at the same time the is a chinese boy in black uniform believed to be switch staff entertaining (acknowledging) the que. And whats even worse is that, que doesn't even start according to the image shown. What a waste of time...
  24. Avatar
    Really waste our time , Only one item limited stock ,que about 2000 people hahaha
  25. Avatar
    How about the demo set? How about the icloud? Any demo set are unlocked? Just want to be sure coz some of articles in internet said had to be vary with the apple demo set. 1) the icloud account. 2) how to remove demo set mode 3) other topic. Some of them were demo and only happen to sell a few item? Wtf! Get a life brothers and sisters. A clown staff try to get us out of boring mode. Give us a damn hell nice drinks or foods.
  26. Avatar
    not fair for everyone,really stupid for wasting the time!already ask wait outside the entrence wait for number,suddenly change waiting location,not fair for the 1st waiting q line!i have money also wont buy for this kind of stupid item!wont go anymore!
  27. Avatar
    All of clearance set no warranty provided. Only 7 days. After that your money burns.
  28. Avatar
    Another 1 h and 40mnit. Sorry had to babbling much like a chat room.lol
  29. Avatar
    you guys suck big time. shame on you, wasting people's time. no organization skills at all. and not fair not to announce about the number distribution and where. I hope you guys close down once and for all
  30. Avatar
  31. Avatar
    Hi. What about the sold out clearance items today (2/3/18)? Will it be replenish for day 3rd and 4th March?
  32. Avatar
    I hope that there is still some laptop cause I am a student and I need a laptop to do some project
  33. Avatar
    I went there this morning and when I arrived there, I saw many different line and there is too many people and my father asked me no to queue for it . I felt very sad cause I have done many research for it and somebody that is not following the terms like cannot queue overnight, only got a line between Spasso and Starbucks and some of them just cut the line! I hope that switch will put them into the black list.
  34. Avatar
    And now I can't even buy a present for myself for getting a good result in UPSR.
  35. Avatar
    Switch you must know that if somebody is not following the rules u have rights for not selling him or her anything

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