Authorised Reseller of Xinca and ZuluDesk MDMs

Switch is proud to announce that we are now an Authorised Reseller of “Xinca” and “ZuluDesk” MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, and offer Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program) and Apple VPP (Apple’s iTunes application Volume Purchase Program) for businesses and education customers!

As a quick summary of what MDM (Mobile Device Management) is all about, MDM is a solution that allows businesses and schools to easily manage their Mac and iOS devices from the cloud and do the following:

1) Keep track of hardware inventory of iOS and Mac devices.
2) Apply restrictions and controls on what a user can use, or do with an iOS or Mac.
3) Install business or education purchased iOS or Mac applications from Apple’s iTunes Volume Purchase Program (VPP) without the hassle of managing multiple AppleIDs.
4) Help to remotely apply network settings, or even E-Mail configuration for an end user that is assigned a device.
5) Speed up preparation of iOS and Mac devices for students or employees by automating the tedious work of standardised configuration and application installation to just “1-click”.
6) And for education, allows teachers that assign iOS devices to students the ability to manage what apps a student can use during classes, and create different “settings profile” for different classes and students.

From Switch, we offer the following:

“Xinca” – Very cost effective MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions for businesses and enterprises, small, medium, or large!

“ZuluDesk” – A powerful, cost effective MDM (Mobile Device Management) System for today’s modern digital classroom, to easily manage all your Apple devices, and with easy tools available for IT Departments, Teachers, and Parents!

So, with a combination of DEP + MDM + VPP, Switch offers cost effective and very efficient solutions to help your business or school manage your growing number of Apple iOS or Mac devices!

Send your enquiries to , and we will be very happy to offer consultation and advice!


Xinca Device Management

As a business, managing these devices securely—be it an employees owned device or one that is provided by your company—is critical. Xinca provides a robust and powerful set of cloud-based tools. Most importantly, Xinca allows you to get to the more important task of running your business.

Xinca enrollment on an iOS device can be enforced and locked when a user goes through the setup process. This means you will have full control of the device.

Xinca also provides wireless supervision. With Xinca enrolled, the administration will be able to supervise the devices allowing additional restrictions such as applock, weblock, powering off and limiting app usage.


ZuluDesk has a powerful management system for the IT department. IT departments are responsible for keeping track of all devices. With the management system, they can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing Apple devices.

With ZuluDesk, the IT team can see information about the devices and manage each and every device. The IT department has the same functionality as the teacher along with additional tools, info, and restrictions.

The Incident system in ZuluDesk is a powerful tool that enables IT administrators to check and keep track of (possible) problems with iPads. Here you can register a damaged iPad and check if the device is still eligible for warranty. You can also add attachments like photographs or documents which can serve as proof.

Setup different profiles for your students as well as the teachers and other personnel. Create layouts for devices, set restrictions, and much more!

Easily manage classes by dragging and dropping required apps, distributing content and setting restrictions.

ZuluDesk provides a admin dashboard. The Dashboard will generate a quick overview to assist you. You can easily keep track of all managed devices, users, active ZuluDesk Teacher users, popular Apps and much more!

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